Data Governance doesn’t have to be complicated. DATUM helps organizations solve for build a simple, sustainable and scalable approach to data through software and services. DATUM provides a range of solutions that ensure data integrity across the enterprise focusing on three distinct value drivers:

  • Operational Excellence. Drive business process improvement by improving data accuracy enterprise-wide and optimizing data accuracy enterprise-wide.
  • Analytics & Insights. Make better decisions faster by unlocking the power of disparate data, delivering global enterprise visibility and supporting big data analytics visibility.
  • Reporting & Compliance. Minimize the cost of compliance by standardizing reporting requirements and determining master data requirements.



No matter where your organization is on its Digital Transformation journey, DATUM is uniquely positioned to help your team deliver greater analytical insights, simplify reporting and compliance and improve operational excellence.

We Use felxible methodology. We don’t box you into any particular starting place when tackling complex data governance challenges. Our unique methodology allows you to start where it’s best for you.

We’re experts at what we do. We’ve honed our technical and management skills over the course of hundreds of information governance engagements and created solutions that reflect our knowledge and, more importantly, our customer’s knowledge.

We help you discover the right data and make the right decisions faster. Our proprietary platform, Information Value Management, provides the capabilities needed to pinpoint the business critical data that will have the greatest positive impact on your operations.