Data Preparation

We can compare Data Preparation with the selection of products of excellent origin to prepare a recipe with excellence: without good products it is not possible to achieve a memorable preparation - and no one expects to order a dish or meal to receive an average final product, isn’t it?

With the processing of data is not much different. Pre-processing of these data is done, where they are collected from their respective sources, cleansed and treated, in order to improve quality, so that at the end of the process they are consistent and used in support of strategic business decisions.

It's precisely this consistency that makes Data Preparation such a powerful tool, after all it's the one who will bring together various data sources and provide relevant business insights. The process can be laborious for those who still have the data without treatment, but it certainly is very compensatory. Taking time exclusively to evaluate data sources and setups will now mean that in a project that involves analytics in the future, you do not need to do this evaluation, reducing the execution time of future projects.

Guided by the principles of Data Governance and protected by sampling activities, profiling tools, visualizations and the commitment of all interested teams, it is possible to develop an efficient Data Preparation project, generating concrete data and in which the users and teams involved can trust.