About DRZ

Through the most modern technologies, DRZ offers innovative solutions in order to generate complete informations, unified bussiness and improvement of operational efficiency, minimizing the time that will be spent in the project’s execution.

The softwares are: Orchestra Networks, DATUM, Infogix, Syncsort (Trillium) and Adaptive, that make possible many bussiness initiatives. Given that, is possible to optimize proccess such as legacy unification, integration with apps on cloud and social media, MDM, BI and Big Data.



Our Vision is to make DRZ become the biggest solutions to data management and governance provider.

We have as a Mission comply with ours clients’ challanges and needs through innovative solutions, as a way that we allow them to be competitive. We cherish for a creative and stimulant environment between our client and our company, so the proccess become pleasant and inspiring. Besides it, we look foward to stablish long-term partnership with our clientes, so the bussiness can keep itself Always sustainable and scalable.

Our clients are our reason to exist, so we keep our Values based on:

Valuation o four employees;





Competitive offer, both prices and deadlines;

Solidity - consolidation, longevity and sustainability.